Difficult Issues No Obstacle to Success

At a construction site, our client injured his back when he slipped and fell on a step which had ice and debris on it.  This type of transient condition presents quite a challenge when it comes to holding the property owner/contractor responsible for an unsafe condition of the premises.  This difficulty, was compounded by the fact that defendants claimed our client had a pre-existing symptomatic degenerative condition of his back.   They claimed that was the reason he required back surgery, the accident having nothing to do with the need for surgery.

Faced with this situation, attorney Catherine Montiel brought suit against the owners of the property and various construction companies, conducted detailed discovery which involved obtaining voluminous documents, conducting multiple depositions, and gathering mountains of medical records and reports.

Her hard work paid off  when she brought the case to a conclusion with a recovery for our client of  $1,275,000.00.

Some cases are harder than others, but we attack them all head on. Congratulations Catherine.

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