3 tips for preventing nursing home injuries in Long Island

By Steven Miller
Senior Partner

When you place a loved on in a nursing home, you may worry that they won’t get the care they need. There are many injuries that they could suffer if they’re not treated well in the facility.

The good news for families is that nursing homes can be held liable if they are not careful about how they treat your loved one. On top of that, there are steps you can take to make sure your loved one is treated with respect.

1. Make your presence known

The first way to prevent injuries and from others taking advantage of your loved one is by making yourself known to the staff. If they know you come to the nursing home regularly to check on your loved one’s health, there’s going to be a lower chance of your loved one being taken advantage of or suffering injuries. They’ll be on guard and may avoid doing anything that could be construed as abuse or neglect, since they’d be more likely to get caught.

2. Don’t come at the same time or on the same day

Another tip is to shake up your schedule. Come at unusual times or during different days once in a while, so you can see how your loved one is being treated when it’s not your usual time to visit. Being unpredictable but coming to the facility regularly means that the staff won’t have the opportunity to slip up, because they’ll be more likely to get caught. Additionally, if an accident or injury does happen, you’ll be more likely to be present or to be there soon after.

3. Look for signs of abuse or neglect every time

Abuse and neglect can happen at any time. It’s your responsibility to make sure you’re monitoring your loved one’s care. You should visually scan them each time you visit to make sure they look healthy and that they don’t have unusual bruising or injuries. If their hygiene doesn’t look good or they are dizzy or feeling unlike themselves, you should look into their medication schedule, hydration and nutrition to make sure they’re getting all they need to stay healthy and safe in the facility.

It is possible to prevent some nursing home injuries. From falls to infections from bedsores or a lack of hygiene, most injuries are preventable if an elder is receiving the right care each day in the Long Island nursing facility.

About the Author
Steven Miller, Esq. is the founding member and Senior Partner in Miller, Montiel & Strano, P.C. Mr. Miller’s extensive career as a trial attorney spans five decades. He tries cases for the catastrophically injured victims of construction site accidents, motor vehicle and premises accidents caused by the negligence of others. Mr. Miller is a detail oriented, tenacious attorney committed to achieving the maximum results for his clients; he has obtained numerous seven figure verdicts and settlements.