Defective hernia mesh products may cause serious conditions

By Steven Miller
Senior Partner

Shortly after their development in the 1950s, hernia mesh products became a widely accepted way to repair hernias. However, not all of these products are safe. Some are made of materials that have not been sufficiently tested for safety, while others have coatings that are liable to be dissolved in the body. New York residents should know that these defective products can cause serious complications.

There is the possibility that the mesh will perforate the organ and cause an infection like peritonitis, for example, or migrate to another part of the body. Bowel adhesions, which are scar-like tissues that may make the mesh stick to the bowel. They can cause severe chronic pain and even lead to bowel obstruction.

Bowel obstruction is the blocking of the small or large intestines. The patient becomes incapable of passing stool or gas and may suffer from nausea and vomiting. The obstruction may cut off blood flow and cause part of the intestines to die. If the patient does not undergo immediate treatment, death may result.

Hernia mesh products from well-known brands like Covidien and Bard have been the subject of lawsuits. Others, such as the Ethicon Physiomesh and the Atrium C-QUR, both of which were approved by the FDA, were found afterward to have problems.

When a defective product causes a personal injury, the victim may be able to file suit against the makers for medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages and other economic and non-economic damages. It might be wise, though, to hire an attorney who works in product liability law. Whether the defect was a design, manufacturing or marketing defect, the attorney may have third-party investigators gather evidence against the defendants. The victim might have the attorney negotiate for a settlement and litigate if one cannot be achieved.

About the Author
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