Five tips for driving on winter roads

By Steven Miller
Senior Partner

With the cold weather starting in November, winter seems to be coming early this year. And with winter weather comes snow and icy roads.

As a New Yorker, you know how dangerous road conditions can get this time of year. Drivers who go too fast or don’t have experience put you in danger of serious car accidents. For you to stay as safe as possible, here are a few tips from the American Automobile Association (AAA) for driving in winter weather:

  • If you don’t have to drive, don’t! When snow and ice cover the roads, the best way you can stay safe is to avoid driving altogether.
  • If you do have to go out, drive only as fast as the conditions allow.
  • You have less stopping power on icy roads. Slow down well before a stop sign. And leave more room between you and the car in front of you.
  • Your tires should be in good condition. Keeping them inflated and making sure they have tread helps increase your traction.
  • When the road is icy, avoid cruise control.

Winter will soon settle in over you in New York. As you travel for work and holidays, you put yourself at risk of the actions of other drivers. Overconfident drivers can lose control and slide all over the highway, threatening your safety. And an accident on snowy roads can cause you severe injuries and lead to expensive medical bills.

While you can’t control other drivers, you can take steps to keep yourself safe on winter roads.

About the Author
Steven Miller, Esq. is the founding member and Senior Partner in Miller, Montiel & Strano, P.C. Mr. Miller’s extensive career as a trial attorney spans five decades. He tries cases for the catastrophically injured victims of construction site accidents, motor vehicle and premises accidents caused by the negligence of others. Mr. Miller is a detail oriented, tenacious attorney committed to achieving the maximum results for his clients; he has obtained numerous seven figure verdicts and settlements.