Hardworking and dependable attorney

My name is Terenna Williams and I am the Director and CEO of Glory House Recovery, Inc., a nonprofit organization designed to help homeless women in distress. There have been many times when my clients have had legal situations, accidents, malpractice suits, wrongful accusations, etc. and with no one to turn to that they could trust; they were left out in the cold. However, Steven Miller, attorney, got involved with Glory House about seven years ago and decided to volunteer his time to help these women. Steve has given many hours of his time to help the Glory House clients and attain what was rightfully and legally theirs. Not only has Mr. Miller helped my clients but he has also helped me in my hour of distress. I recently had a car accident involving a hit-and-run driver and Steve was right there to pick up the pieces and guide me in the right direction to settle this matter. He is not only a hardworking and dependable attorney but he is caring and trustworthy. I thank him from the bottom of my heart for being the man he is and helping these people who would have otherwise been left with nothing but heartache.

— Terenna
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