This is a firm that truly gives it their all

Over the course of about a year-and-a-half, I had the problem of figuring out how to deal with my recovery period, both medically and legally speaking; this was after a pretty bad auto accident that occurred back in the early spring of 2020 in which my vehicle was T-boned by another driver who just blew through a red light at a relatively high rate of speed and apparently felt the use of brakes was optional. Whenever one is involved in an auto accident–or almost any situation in which insurance claims and potential litigation are involved–you can expect to spend plenty of time and absorb a lot of aggravation filling out what seem like endless forms, meeting important time deadlines, making sure depositions are taken from those involved in the accident along with possible witnesses, dealing with police reports, calling body shops, visiting doctors . . . it goes on and on. Coincidentally and fortunately for me, a friend of mine familiar with the law firm of Miller, Montiel, and Strano, P.C., suggested I contact them, which I did. This turned out to be one of the best recommendations–if not the best–I have ever taken advantage of in my life. My case was assigned to Ms. Catherine M. Montiel who, over the course of about eighteen months, turned out to be an absolute legal gem, dealing with what seemed like the almost endless number of legal procedures, forms, and complexities of my case with an incredible degree of efficiency and attention to detail. Her completely professional handling of my affairs relieved me of a considerable number of legal and psychological worries that I otherwise would have had to confront, at least partially, on my own. More than that, in all of our many communications over the time involved, Ms. Montiel displayed an element of compassion and genuine concern for my personal welfare that was utterly beyond any of the wildest of initial expectations I might have had. The best way, I guess, for me to sum this all up is to simply say: she treated me as if I were family. This is not at all the image that most frequently comes to mind when people think of lawyers who, for the most part, are often seen as being just ruthless shysters and money-grubbers. As far as I can see from my experience with Catherine Montiel, that’s the opposite of what Miller, Montiel, and Strano are all about: when it comes to their client’s welfare, from my experience, this is a firm that truly gives it their all.

— Ron Huetter
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