Safe driving initiative targets speeding

By Steven Miller
Senior Partner

Despite the attention focused on distracted driving and other smartphone-linked dangerous behaviors, one of the most consistent threats to roadway safety in New York and around the country is speeding. As a result, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance is focusing on that during its upcoming Operation Safe Driver Week. During the week, police will be looking for commercial vehicles as well as passenger cars violating safety rules, particularly speeders. In fact, speeding is linked to 94% of all traffic accidents, even when other causes were also involved in the incident, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

In addition, speeding is linked to over 25% of all fatal motor vehicle accidents, a figure that has held firm for over 20 years. In 2017, 9,717 people lost their lives due to excessive speed. Spokespeople for the safety week said that this is an unacceptable risk that is completely preventable. They urged the importance of public education about the dangers of speeding as well as increased law enforcement targeting speeders. The safety week will not restrict itself to speeding, however, as police will also look for distracted driving, texting, improper lane changing, aggressive driving, and failing to use seat belts.

Operation Safe Driver Week usually includes an increase in the number of traffic citations issued. Police noted that these tickets can be unpopular but effective in reducing dangerous roadway behavior. In 2018, nearly 17,000 passenger vehicle drivers and almost 2,000 commercial drivers received speeding tickets during the week. Overall, 57,405 citations were issued during the week for a variety of causes.

Speeding can also make car accidents more serious, leading to severe injuries or even fatalities. Occupants of other vehicles who have been injured in such a crash might want to have legal assistance when seeking compensation for their losses.

About the Author
Steven Miller, Esq. is the founding member and Senior Partner in Miller, Montiel & Strano, P.C. Mr. Miller’s extensive career as a trial attorney spans five decades. He tries cases for the catastrophically injured victims of construction site accidents, motor vehicle and premises accidents caused by the negligence of others. Mr. Miller is a detail oriented, tenacious attorney committed to achieving the maximum results for his clients; he has obtained numerous seven figure verdicts and settlements.